Piilgrim was created out of a love of skateboarding and music. The aim is to produce durable yet stylish garments, without having a negative effect on the planet. Through the use of recycled and organic fabrics and eco-friendly packaging, we set out to make a difference. 

Everything in our collection is 100% vegan. We believe that the production process should always be cruelty-free and traded fairly; a belief that is core to our principal.

Each individual piece has been constructed as a single-run limited edition garment, with maximum attention to detail. Using re-salvaged and original 1960's fabrics as part of our linings, we keep our line quantities small. 

Piilgrim is for people who take pride in what they wear, as well as caring about where their clothes come from. We hope you enjoy our work.


How did you come up with the name? Is there any significance having the extra ‘i’?
"It was originally a song that I wrote years ago for my old band, which was taken from a book by Kurt Vonnegut called Slaughterhouse 5. If you look into the definition of Pilgrim it’s defined as a traveler who is on a journey to a holy place. So, let’s get poetic on this… as a skater, it could be argued we all go on pilgrimages every time we step on the board, on a journey to our own personal holy place. The streets are our holy place, skateboarding is our method.

The extra ‘i’ is a reference to a persons ‘Third Eye’ or the ‘Pineal Gland’, an invisible eye (in the middle of the forehead) which is said to provide perception beyond ordinary sight. I’ve met skateboarders who seem like they have a third eye! You could argue we have a heightened sensory awareness, we fly down steps, across gaps and flip in and out of ledges. Skateboarding would literally have seemed like black magic to humans hundreds of years ago. So this was something I wanted to include with the name also. So an extra ‘i’ was added, and Piilgrim is created" 

- Interview with founder Mark Kendrick, taken from Free Skate Magazine, 20/11/17