We sat down with Dead Meadow's front man Jason Simon to discuss music, politics and Dr Who..

You guys have been smashing the live circuit for a long time now. Do you still feel playing live is an important aspect of Dead Meadow?

Yes, we enjoy it immensely but it also pays the bills. People do not buy records like they used to in the old days so I think playing live has become more significant for most bands. There are very few that can survive on record sales alone in this YouTube era. We do love traveling and playing for folks though.

Lots of skaters found about about you through your songs in Emerica's Stay Gold video. How did that come about and what's your thoughts on the video?

The video's great. I found out about many a great band through old skate videos like Public Domain and Future Primitive. I'm honored that skaters are finding out about us in the same way.

What clothes are you digging at the moment? Do you get to pick up any special arms when on the road? Or are you more "I paid 55 bucks for this so I will goddam wear it everyday till someone tells me otherwise" kinda guys  

I don't think my style has changed much over the years. I like old military gear, clarks wallabees, pendletons flannels, old parkas. When we have time I'll peak into a vintage store or two on the road. If I find something that feels right I will wear it till it falls apart or I lose it, usually I'll lose it on the road somewhere.


When are you returning to the UK? I saw you at Liverpool Psych Fest a couple of years back and you blew everyone away.

That was a fun one. I think we have been back to the UK twice since that Liverpool Psych fest. No immediate plans to return to Europe but I'm sure we will make it back over at some point. 

Favourite bands at the moment?

JJ CALE. Also a new band I dig is Frankie and the Witch Fingers, they're great.


Mandatory desert island question; 3 albums for ever and ever?

John Coltrane  "A Love Supreme"
Leonard Cohen  "Songs of Leonard Cohen"
 Brenton Wood   45 of "Baby you got it"




What is the general feeling in America after the recent change of office? 

Incredulity, despair, sometime in the past ten years or so it seems we jumped the track into some sort of alternate bizarro universe and It just keeps getting stranger and more fucked up. Every day there appears some new mind boggling level of insanity.  

If you could go 88 MPH in a Delorean to go back and play one gig or festival which would it be and why?

The Pyramids of Giza with the Grateful Dead 


Best era for fashion?

Early 70's Dr Who.  


Favourite item of clothing you have ever owned?

All my favorite clothes are available here:  HA!

When will you be releasing some new audio treats for us?

As soon as we finish it. We're currently working on a new Dead Meadow record but we work slow.  Having done quite a few albums we want to be sure to push things forward and grow... otherwise what's the point.

Thank yous/shout outs?

Thanks man, all the best!