Growing up in Northern England do you think this has strongly effected your photography? Or has other people/places influenced the direction it has moved towards?

Growing up in northern England has definitely inspired my work.. I think the small towns have an interesting history that can really inspire creativity.

The use of colour comes across very prominently in your work, almost paintingesque. Is photography your sole background or do you have other art influences?

Photography is my main creative outlet but I also experiment with painting.. the use of colour is an important factor in my work and I tend to consider this when I compose any shot.

What inspires you to shoot?

My main inspiration to shoot is to escape from myself.. I enjoy the idea of being an observer and shooting the things that strike me as interesting. I'm fascinated by the banality of everyday life.

Let's touch on a subject that I'm positive has never been discussed before: do you prefer shooting on film or digital?

This is something that I really find hard to answer.. I love the aesthetic of film but the ease of digital. I tend to shoot mainly with my Fuji xpro 1.. I think the cost of film and developing right now is more of a luxury for me so I only shoot film when I'm work on particular projects.

How is this decision relevant with your photography?

My work captures the banality of everyday life. I'd love to carry both film and digital cameras with me at all times.

Who are some of your favourite photographers?

I love the work of Stephen shore and William eggleston. But my favourite photographers are ones I see scrolling through instagram, I always find amazing practioners to be inspired by.

Tell us about your first book - "Hit The North" from which many of the images in this article are from. What was the idea behind it?

I enjoyed making this book.. I wanted to travel around and photograph things that I'd consider northern. I worked on this for just under a year but I would love to continue with it and make another edition.

Do you feel your images capture England as it really is? Or are they coming more from your own personal perspective?

I think everyone has there own way of capturing England. Each persons perceptions vary.. I think the way I attempt to document British culture represents England to an extant but I also want to show my own personal views of how I see Britain, particularly the north.

What's happening next for Luke Saxon?

I'm just about to go back to uni to get my masters degree. I'm currently working on some more experimental work that brings photography and painting together.