Earthless need no introduction. They have a worldwide cult following and are in no way slowing down. We had a chat to see what makes them tick.


Are you still based in San Diego? What was the scene like back when you started?

The band is still based in San Diego. There wasn't a lot of rock 'n' roll bands to my memory when we started. Definitely not like there is today.


Could you try and describe your song writing process?

Someone usually brings in A riff or will be in the practice space and jam on the spot and if something sounds really cool will revisit it. We try and record everything so no ideas get lost.


Who and what has always inspired your music?

The band was founded on the love of Japanese sake music German Kraut rock music as well as 60s 70s psychedelia, punk music, heavy rock..... some of those bands would be blues creation, flower traveling band, can, Amon Duul, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, blue cheer, ZZ Top, Alice Cooper, the stooges, 13th floor elevators........long list



Do you try to create a narrative within your music? It evokes lots of imagery in my brain when listening. This I enjoy.

We definitely try and create colors and create textures. Re-create music to get lost to. 


Stoner rock emplies that everyone is zooted as hell. Is this something you can agree with? Or is it a misconception?

It's an easy label but I definitely don't consider us a stoner rock band. I think it's not the right fit for us. I think of Kyuss and bands like that when I think of stone or rock. Whatever makes it easy for people I'm OK with. I don't pay too much attention. 


How do you feel about performing live?

Playing live shows is the best. That's my favorite part of touring. The rest can be tiring but all in all it's a good time. 



Favourite guitar pedal in your kit? Most played?

TYM GUITARS Seaweed Fuzz. 


How big of a part is improvising when you play? Does this ever happen when recording?

Improv is a big part of our live show. Also when we record certain songs there is a place for improvisation. That's where the fun happens.



When are you coming to the U.K to play? We need you.

We should be there sometime next year when her album comes out. No dates yet but we will be there soon. 


Thanks/shout outs?

Thanks to everyone that comes to the shows and buys music!