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What have you been upto recently? I know you were in California, what did you get up to over there?

Yes! I went to California for the first time for a month. I played a Desert Stars festival in Joshua Tree and another show in LA.


Where are you living at the moment? and why have you chose to locate yourself there?

I split my time between London and Toronto, but I travel a lot so I don't really feel based anywhere. I'm currently in New York for about a month.


Who were some of your biggest music influences growing up?

Oasis always. 


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Who did you work with on your Blood Hot album? It's beautifully produced.

Thank you! It was produced by me and my best friends in one of their basements in Toronto! It was all of our first times producing anything or making a full length record and I still can't believe that we managed to pull it off and that people actually like it. 


Describe your ideal situation for songwriting. What themes do you work around lyrically?

I like being in my bedroom or alone somewhere quiet where I can just write stream of consciousness and make sense of my thoughts, I guess. It's all really just about life and death and love and sadness etc. 


How did you meet Anton Newcombe and start your collaborative ventures?

We met on the set of Full House in 1991, he played the Dad on the show and I played his daughter, Michelle.


What's it like working with such a prolific artist? 

I like working with Anton. 


Could you name one song that has had the biggest effect on your life? Why?

Supersonic by Oasis. It's always Oasis for me. I just heard it when I was very young, in my carseat, my dad driving and blasting it pretty loud from the radio and it was the first song I guess that really gave you that "WOW I LOVE THIS!!!" feeling. To me, it's just a perfect song. It's so positive. So cool. The sound of my childhood. 


It would seem that the 1960's have had an influence on your music and fashion. What are your favourite clothes to wear?

It depends on the day and your mood, I think. I just wear things that make me feel like "me"and that are comfortable. But I have a real attachment to clothes. If I wear something and have a good day in it, I'll wear it over and over and over and never throw it away. I still have dresses from the first time I went to London that I wouldn't necessarily wear anymore but I can't bare to part with them. The reverse is also true, if I have a bad memory wearing a certain piece of clothing I'll give it away. 


Who is the most well-dressed human you have ever seen?

Jimi Hendrix


When can we hear some new Tess Parks audio? 

On the youtube. 



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